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Dance Lessons For Seniors Saginaw MI

The Senior Fitness Health Club is a fitness center for the senior community located in Saginaw, Michigan. Most fitness centers are geared towards the younger generations – individuals who are working on bulking up and gaining mass. However, the Senior Fitness Health Club is exclusively for the senior community, designed to make every member feel comfortable and confident.

We offer dance classes that will get you moving with the purpose to help you stay healthy and active. Not only will you have a lot of fun while dancing, you will be learning new moves and getting a great workout in as well! Sometimes, dancing is so fun that you forget you are even exercising! That’s our goal – we want you to enjoy yourselves so much that you come back for the fun of dancing, not just to get your daily workout in.

Our professional staff takes safety very seriously. You will be taught proper form, healthy habits, and other skills to ensure you get the most out of your experience at the Senior Fitness Health Club.

We also offer premium memberships (extra fee), which includes an initial fitness assessment and monthly one on one coaching, diet goal setting, and more!

If you are looking to get started on your journey of health and fitness, than you have come to the right place. At the Senior Fitness Health Club, you will feel comfortable and confident in a judgement-free environment.

For more information on our fitness classes or if you are interested in checking out a class for free, call the Senior Fitness Health Club today at (989) 790-5788! We look forward to meeting you!

Very warm and inviting place. Friendly people to work out with. I love it
Celestia M.

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